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Be it Basketball or Be it Design Thinking: Joy Matters


5 Ways Design Thinking Can Be a Culture Changer

Sometimes the signs are subtle, like a meeting room stocked with stacks of neon-colored Post-it notes…

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"The sessions were packed with learning, designed so thoughtfully and interactively that participants were engaged rather than overwhelmed. Even the initially-skeptical left fired up to tackle their thorniest work challenges -- and now capable of doing that in richer, user-centered ways. Expertly done!" Pam Fox Rollin, Executive Coach

We create and facilitate customized workshops and training programs that focus on learning and applying the design thinking process.

Design Thinking Studio 1.0 is a high-energy, experiential, one-day workshop that introduces the design thinking process. You’ll work in small teams to solve a custom-designed challenge. The workshop is built upon learning by doing, and you’ll learn the phases of the design thinking process as you tackle the challenge.


Lime Design Process

Design Thinking Studio 2.0  is a high-energy, experiential, two-day workshop that introduces the design thinking process and how to apply in it in the workplace. On Day 1, you’ll work in small teams to solve a custom-designed challenge. On Day 2 you will learn how apply the design thinking process and mindsets to specific problems in your workplace.


In our workshops, you’ll experience the collision of purpose, passion, and deep learning. When you leave, you’ll have a renewed sense of your own creative confidence and the ability to use design thinking to change the way you work, think, and breathe.  


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