Imagination is the uniquely human capacity to envision possibilities; it fuels breakthrough innovations.

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We’ve designed a series of high-energy, hands-on, engaging, 1-3 hour sessions to boost your organization’s creative power.

The Power of Asking ‘What If?’

A convergent thinker sees a limited, predetermined number of options. A divergent thinker is always looking for more options. Building your ability to expand options is a critical innovation skill. In this fast-paced hour of possibilities participants will engage in a series of hands-on creativity boosters. They will create games and new products, and reframe ideas as they “play” with an assortment of materials. In challenging what is possible, one stretches the capacity to be innovative.

Time: 1 hour

The Superhero Innovation Adventure

Imagination is the uniquely human capacity to envision possibilities; it fuels breakthrough innovations. The Superhero Innovation Adventure is a high-energy, hands-on, interactive session focused on building creative leadership skills. Participants will engage in a 90-minute innovation-based activity that requires connecting, collaborating and building, and will leave with a renewed sense of creativity.

Time: 90 minutes

My Space, Your Space

Being able to see the world through the eyes of others builds empathy and insights that can drive innovation. My Space, Your Space: is a high-energy, hands-on, interactive session focused on creativity and collaboration. In this activity, participants create tours for a variety of different stakeholders as they envision spaces and places in novel and creative ways.

Time: 90 minutes

Just Do It!

Martin Luther King said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” But taking the first step as an innovative leader is often the most challenging. In this hands-on, high-energy session, participants work in small teams to accomplish a myriad of mundane, quirky and delightful tasks in a tightly compressed time frame. In the process, they discover insights about taking action, prioritizing, decision-making, and team dynamics.

Time: 1 hour

On the Shoulders of Experts

According to physicist Niels Bohr, “An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.” In the fast-moving world of business, it is difficult to keep pace with change, as new learning continually abounds. In this fast-paced session, participants will work in teams to present information based on a random presentation that they have never seen. They might see 4-6 slides that contain data, a new tablet, a farm, or a group of hikers. Their task is to become instant “experts” on their designated topic. In the debrief, they discover insights about responding in the moment, teamwork, and confidence, delving into what it means to be an expert in today’s dynamic business environment.

Time: 2 hours

Failure Faire: A Celebration of Learning from What Doesn’t Work

Author Zig Ziglar reminds us of the power of resiliency as he states, “It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts.” In a fast-paced business environment the ability to learn quickly from failures is a critical skill. In Failure Faire: A Celebration of Learning from What Doesn’t Work, participants move through five stations aimed at taking risks, failing and learning from what doesn’t work.  The pace is frantic and the impact immediate. The debrief focuses on the costs of failing and success, and the measures of both.

Time: 90 minutes

Bamboo Building

As teams work together, they learn not only about each other, but about themselves. In this large-scale building adventure inspired by Peter Skillman’s Marshmallow Challenge, participants are given a variety of materials and limited time constraints. They are challenged to work together as they reach for the skies.

Time: 90 minutes

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