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Can You Hear the Creativity?

There‚Äôs a very distinctive sound that echoes through a place where people, big or small, are…

Fueling Creativity in Education

In this episode of the Fueling Creativity in Education Podcast, hosts Drs. Matthew Worwood and Cyndi…

    design challenge toolkit hawaiiWe started Lime Design because we were passionate about creating exceptional learning experiences so that when people left our workshops, they truly understood the design process and could apply what they learned in their work and in their life. We believe that experiential learning is the best way to do this work, because design is not something you can simply read about. You have to experience it. We are continually perfecting our craft — prototyping new activities, brainstorming ideas, and getting user feedback. We believe that design is more than following a set of process steps. The mindsets matter. That means challenging assumptions, asking questions, observing keenly, taking action, building to think and failing forward. We want people to leave our workshops with a sense of joy, satisfaction, and commitment and the confidence to immediately apply what they have learned.

    Lime Design is a boutique design firm with deep expertise in design, ethnographic user research, and creativity and innovation workshops and training. Our corporate work focuses on providing the tools and expertise to discover customer insights that drive sustainable innovation. In the world of education, we build capacity for leadership, offering professional development for educators and workshops for students to support 21st century learning.

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