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Literacy in the Making has been such a valuable experience for our students and teachers. The sessions have been creative and have helped students make unique connections to literature as they share their thoughts and ideas through hands-on experiences. Every student feels valued and heard.

Kami Thordarson | Principal, Campbell School of Innovation

Luther Burbank Elementary School had a wonderful opportunity for students and staff to participate in Literacy in the Making lesson demonstration.  The LIME team thoughtfully carried out the engaging activity with built-in components of literacy, making, and social-emotional learning.  The students had the hands-on experience to meaningfully construct a content-related product to demonstrate their connection and understanding of the text.  The teachers found the activities helpful when integrating a hands-on approach to enrich students' comprehension and depth of knowledge, specifically among our English Language learners.  Thank you for the opportunity to creatively immerse our students and teachers in this unique literary journey.

Tri Nguyen Ed.D | Principal

If you are looking for a team that can help your organization unleash its creativity, you have come to the right place. Lime Design is masterful at helping organizations, from colleges to corporations, tap into their potential for innovation. They provide provocative workshops and coaching on the creative process that are customized for your group. You will be blown away by their unique approach and the impact they will have on your organization.

Tina Seelig, Ph.D. Executive Director | Author: What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

Maureen and her team at Lime Design led a highly engaging series of workshops that introduced educators across Singapore to the design thinking process. Energetic and approachable, the team's deep experience as both design thinkers and educators made the experience impactful and accessible for the participants. I greatly appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into the workshop design, and how the team tailored the experience to our needs.

Aaron Loh, Principal, Commonwealth Secondary School, Singapore

“Association Forum partnered with Lime Design and Dallas CVB to bring experiential thinking and learning with a touch of empathy to a process focused on redesigning the association model of the future.  Maureen and team guided association leaders through a journey that was informative, educational, applicable and fun!”  

Michelle Mason, President and CEO, Association Forum

Lime Design has provided us a creative spark to energize many of our teams. They've created imaginative and engaging workshops for our employees from the engineers to marketing to HR. Lime Design has brought us innovation for leaders, improv techniques for training and design thinking workshops. They've been a terrific partner.

Julie Baher, Managing Director, Customer Experience

Creative, reliable, and responsive to our needs, Lime Design has been a perfect partner for curriculum development. Bringing broad-ranging experience together with improvisational expertise, they’ve helped us to develop numerous lesson plans (complete with supplemental materials like teaching notes, sample slides, etc.) appropriate for undergraduate, graduate, and executive audiences. Highly recommended!

Heather Caruso, Director, Center for Decision Research

Lime Design has been a fantastic partner in designing and facilitating a design thinking experience with us. Their professional approach, creative ideas and immense network, mixed with their passion for making a positive change makes them truly unique.

Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt, Head of Innovation & Creativity Programs

As a school based on Design Thinking, we have a range of understanding of how to implement Design Thinking into our core content areas. Some of our teachers have a lot of experiences, and some of our teachers were just recently hired. The Lime Design training we had was a perfect blend and balance that pushed the thinking and vision of more experienced teachers using Design Thinking, while providing a strong base for our teachers who are new to this process for pedagogy. We are so excited to have a relationship with Maureen and her team, and we look forward to more ongoing work together!"

Eric J. Chagala, ED.D., Founding Principal

Maureen and her team at Lime Design are doubly gifted.  As educators, they inspire teachers by engaging them in a deeply collaborative, experiential process.   As innovators, they infuse Design Thinking training with creative, surprising and immensely valuable insights.  Their approach is extraordinary — and leads to transformative results.   They have changed the way I think about teaching, learning and creating in schools.

Steve Bileca, Division Head

Working with Lime Design was an overall great and engaging experience. They conducted high-quality ethnographic research that led us to uncover terrific customer insights, and also designed and facilitated a hands-on innovative workshop during which customers acted as co-designers. The expert guidance of Lime Design coaches helped us harness the power of generative brainstorming in a creative way, and helped us quickly prototype solutions with real customers. If you are looking for new ways of discovering what customers need, I highly recommend this innovative design consultancy..

Cheryl Ricketts, Global Marketing Director-Education

Lime Design did an amazing job helping us uncover and capture insights about the true needs of our user which is essential in an ed tech company like Nearpod​. They were able to not only uncover user needs, but translate them in such a clear way ​that our team could immediately develop action items.  

Guido Kovalskys, Co-Founder & CEO

Powerful, transformative, and yet so accessible. Maureen Carroll and associates from Lime Design truly know how to capture a crowd, while leaving one with a sense of personalized instruction. Her poised and personable approach compelled the audience to hang on to her every word throughout our recent conference keynote. She led us through the Design Thinking process masterfully and meaningfully, setting the stage to an unforgettable learning experience for our teachers.

Esther L. Tokihiro Coordinator, Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), STEAM Team, Curriculum & Instruction

The Lime Design team can change your school or organization in no time. Our middle school, comprised of about 30 teachers, has learned to become design thinkers, approach our work in a different fashion, and trust that, through risk taking, quick prototyping and testing, we will find innovative pathways to change our school’s structure, curriculum, and student learning.

Jeanne Elliott, Principal

Through workshops, one-on-one coaching and resource support, Lime Design helped me to redesign several processes and systems at my school site. As an administrator at a successful, inner city public charter school, radical innovation can be daunting and scary.  Maureen was critical to the implementation and success of some big ideas that helped to shape the lives of the amazing students we serve.
This experience helped me to find my own creative confidence and has provided me with a strong understanding of design thinking skills, strategies and mindsets.

Melissa Pelochino, Dean Of Academics

Thanks to Lime Design, Pilot and Pivot is our mantra and our way. We are learning from what we are doing on the ground, we are making adjustments readily and quickly, and we are slowly transforming our organizational DNA from slow moving and habit driven to rapidly adjusting, dynamic, and flexible.

Gabriel Kuriloff, Principal

I personally am invigorated by the limitless possibilities of Design Thinking for education, but know that in the immediate moment you've helped us frame some of the needs of the senior project. Thank you for your energy. I look forward to a long collaboration and can't wait to learn more.

Scott Parker, Dean of Students

For two weeks in January, students at Shannon Forest Christian School took part in their first design thinking bootcamp where they learned the importance of developing empathy for others while designing solutions to multiple challenges surrounding the issues of global and local poverty. Many of our activities were based on the amazing work of Lime Design!

Thomas Riddle, Assistant Director

It was an incredibly useful experience for my whole team to get our of our everyday day-to-day ways of thought and really learn about design thinking. It really gave us a fresh perspective that we are going to carry forward into our work, and an infusion of a completely different kind of energy.

Colleen Cassity, Founder and Executive Director

Fortunate to participate in 2-day design-thinking workshop led by Lime. The sessions were packed with learning, designed so thoughtfully and interactively that participants were engaged rather than overwhelmed. Even the initially-skeptical left fired up to tackle their thorniest work challenges -- and now capable of doing that in richer, user-centered ways. Expertly done!

Pam Fox Rollin, Executive Coach

Challenging students to explore their own thinking and the thinking of others -- work that was inspired and supported by Lime Design -- has done more to shape me as an educator (and a person) than anything else I've experienced in my professional career.

Mike Berman, Director of Development & Community Partnerships

We are very pleased to be working with Lime Design for our school professional development program. Their ideas are innovative and provocative, their approach is collaborative and friendly, and the results are outstanding.

John Aime, Assistant Head of School

I found Lime Design's workshop at the East Bay Independent Schools Association (EBISA) active, fun, and engaging, as well as thought-provoking about the process of brainstorming and how to best promote idea generation. We have used ideas from the workshop in our classes (how to address climate change at a global summit), and our faculty meetings (how to tweak our new schedule to address some of its shortcomings).

Molly Barrett Stern, Eighth Grade Dean/Math/Science Teacher

Design thinking changed not only the way I teach, but the way in which I approach issues and needs in my life. My students were immediately engaged in empathy building activities that also helped the understanding of various challenging texts. Additionally, students used the process to address concerns at school. I am learning the most effective ways of implementing this process into my classroom, and can't wait to become an expert!

Joanna Ho, English Teacher

Design Thinking is a vitally important idea that can be appreciated intellectually...but to dive in and swim around requires an open heart. Maureen Carroll and the other facilitators guided all of us (VIDA teachers, counselors and other staff) into deep, empathic listening exercises and they helped us explore new ways to help our students dive into and swim around in the Design Thinking approach to education.  I highly recommend the Lime Design workshop!

Heather Williams, Art Teacher

Lime Design provided new insights in the design and facilitation of our Design Thinking Hawaii Bootcamp. Their approach, materials and tools were enhancements to our previous design thinking experiences. If you are seeking a partner to guide your organization to a customer- or user-focused experience, we recommend that you consider Lime Design.

Ian Kitajima

We've been working with Lime Design for several months now, and I've been tremendously impressed by their ability to communicate the need for innovation at the same time that they convey methods to become more innovative. Even more important, I see the people they work with leave the room with a real intent to implement these methods in their practices in a deep way. I think Lime Design is going to be a fundamental part of our organization’s ability to grow.

Christian Reilly, Science Teacher

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