Creativity is a team sport.

Building Creative Teams



Can You Hear the Creativity?

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Fueling Creativity in Education

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    Learn how to leverage the unique approaches of your team to solve complex user-centered problems.

    Creativity happens when boundaries, blur, ideas collide, and fresh perspectives emerge. We often imagine creativity as a solo exercise but that’s not how it happens in the workplace. There, creativity is a team sport. How do you harness the power of a team with diverse approaches to problem solving? Building a culture of creativity and innovation begins with knowledge, empathy and trust. In this hands-on virtual or in-person workshop teams leave with fresh insights and knowledge on how to collaborate more effectively in the workplace.

    “Lime Design’s Building Creative Teams session was engaging, thoughtful, and insightful. What the team appreciated most about it  was how Maureen gently guided them forward individually, and then together. The team learned about themselves, each other, and how to appreciate the diverse ways people bring creativity to the table.”

    Julie Baher
    VP Customer Experience & Digital Strategy
    Myriad Genetics

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    Check out this Harvard Business Review article on the value of building team creativity.

    Photo credit: Unsplash: Jose G. Ortega

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