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We transform organizations through human-centered design.


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We are experts in both applying and teaching the human-centered design process as a means to solve real-world challenges in business, education, the arts, and media.

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The design process offers a way to reframe problems as opportunities with multiple viable solutions. Through this process, we help develop empathetic and creative problem solvers who are confident in their ability to act as change agents.

TransformING your organization through design


July 2023

by Maureen Carroll
Lime Design | Design Thinking

New Possibilities for Picture Books

Using heads, hearts and hands for impactful learning experiences While searching through my cluttered garage, I came across a tattered book that I used to read to my children. I found myself absorbed in the story and it made me realize how words and pictures have the power to evoke strong emotions. It also made me reflect […]

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May 2023

by Maureen Carroll
Lime Design | Design Thinking

Creativity Residencies: 5 Things We Learned About Elevating & Celebrating Teachers

Teachers are the ultimate givers. Whether figuring out how to best reach a shy child, juggling how to cover content standards, or building supportive relationships with colleagues, the demands can often feel endless. This led us to wonder: What are teachers doing to replenish themselves? Last month The San Mateo County Office of Education and […]

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May 2018

by Maureen Carroll
Lime Design | Design Thinking

Be it Basketball or Be it Design Thinking: Joy Matters

                              I spent the last six weeks in Singapore where I led twenty design thinking workshops for educators. I had decided that when I returned home I would spend some time reflecting on what I had learned. For me, that means […]

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June 2017

by Maureen Carroll
Lime Design | Design Thinking

5 Ways Design Thinking Can Be a Culture Changer

Sometimes the signs are subtle, like a meeting room stocked with stacks of neon-colored Post-it notes and black Sharpies. Other times they are grand, like a prominent spot on the agenda of a product design conference. Design thinking makes its way into an organizational culture in many different ways. In my experience, organizations that learn […]

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