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  • ethnographic interviews-the future project
  • Empathy inspiration
Learn how to delight your customer by uncovering surprising and powerful insights through ethnographic interviewing and observation techniques.

Design thinking is about developing empathy for others. The goal is to uncover user needs, and then create solutions to meet those needs. Ethnographic user research is a method that helps you do this.

With the insights derived from ethnographic research, you are able to understand your customer’s experience and how you can best meet their needs through your products and services.

As ethnographers, we conduct interviews and observations independently or in collaboration with our clients. We analyze the qualitative data using customer journey maps, empathy maps and user needs statements. We synthesize the data and make recommendations that lead to new products, services, features, and communications, and, ultimately, to more innovative, human-centered solutions.  

Observe like  a traveler… have fresh eyes…

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