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In this episode of the Fueling Creativity in Education Podcast, hosts Drs. Matthew Worwood and Cyndi…

New Possibilities for Picture Books

Using heads, hearts and hands for impactful learning experiences While searching through my cluttered garage, I came across…

  • Twenty-One-Elephants
  • Maybe-Something-Beautiful
  • Stick-and-Stone
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  • Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 12.24.21 PM
  • Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 12.25.11 PM
"The teachers found the [Literacy in the Making] activities helpful when integrating a hands-on approach to enrich students' comprehension and depth of knowledge, specifically among our English Language learners. Thank you for the opportunity to creatively immerse our students and teachers in this unique literary journey."
Tri Nguyen Ed.D | Principal, Luther Burbank Elementary School

Literacy in the Making is an interactive, engaging, virtually-delivered program that offers students in grades K-8 and homeschoolers the opportunity, through making, to deepen their understanding of literature and explore social-emotional themes such as resiliency, empathy, and self-expression. For many students, the experience of reading is about answering a series of written prompts, making is limited to STEM activities, and social-emotional skills are often discussed in a superficial way.  Literacy in the Making challenges these narrowly defined practices by bringing these worlds together. 

Literacy in the Making  is a teacher professional development program and also can also be offered directly to students. 

“Literacy in the Making has been such a valuable experience for our students and teachers. Here at Campbell School of Innovation, we work with students to develop design mindsets and we value the power of making. Not only does this work benefit students, our teachers are learning new skills for engaging students as well. The sessions have helped students make unique connections to literature as they share their thoughts and ideas through hands-on experiences. Every student feels valued and heard. Our students, teachers, and parents continue to sing praises after every session!”
Kami Thordarsen, Principal

“Literacy in the Making and Social Studies in the Making were two courses my 13-year-old daughter really enjoyed this spring. She smiled brightly through the classes. For a smart girl who had been feeling disengaged from the world during quarantine, these classes were very helpful. She says she felt understood by the facilitators for her strong interests in world health and supported for expressing her individuality. We would encourage young people who have an interest in exploring world issues and literacy in depth to participate in your courses. Thank you very much!!”
Valrie, Homeschool Mom

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