Design thinking is both a process and mindsets.

    Lime Design Articles


    Creative Educator: Serendipity Design-Lab


    Google ReWork: Hacking Your Innovation Mindset


    Stanford Graduate School of Education: Stem Program Builds Ties Between Stanford and East Palo Alto Middle School


    Stanford University 2020 Yearbook: Learning From Our Students


    Looking beyond the hexagons: What does it mean to be an education designer?


    Connecting Design Abilities to Classroom Curriculum


    Applying Design Abilities to Classroom Curriculum


    Reweaving Corporate DNA: Building a Culture of Design Thinking at Citrix

    Build 21
    st Century Skills with Design Thinking: An interview with Dr. Maureen Carroll

    5 ½ Questions With Maureen Carroll from

    Learning from What Doesn’t Work: The Power of Embracing a Prototyping Mindset

    Design Thinking in the Classroom: Learning Through a Design Challenge

    Silicon Valley Innovation Center Organized Another Comprehensive Executive Training Design

    Imagination Inspiration

    Research Articles


    Carroll, M. (2015). Stretch, Dream, and Do – A 21st Century Design Thinking & STEM Journey. Journal of Research in STEM Education, 1(1), 3-16 ISSN:2149-8504

    Carroll, Maureen P. (2014) “Shoot For The Moon! The Mentors and the Middle Schoolers Explore the Intersection of Design Thinking and STEM,”
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    Carroll, M. Britos, L, & S. Goldman. (2012).
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    E-book: DesignED: Integrating Design Thinking in Your K-12 Classroom

    Maureen Carroll Stanford Bio

    Maureen Carroll REDlab Bio




    Zoom Zoom Room Podcast Series


    Keynotes/Conference Presentations:


    Innovating for the Common Core November 2014. University of California at Davis School of Education

    Montalvo Arts in Your Classroom March 2015

    Poughkeepsie Day School STEM to STEAM Conference 2014. A Taste of Design Thinking.

    Make Believe REAL: Designing a Preschool for the Future Paper presented at the IDC 8th International Conference on Interaction Design & Children Como, Italy June 5, 2009



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