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5 Ways Design Thinking Can Be a Culture Changer

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Micro-crafting Innovative Learning Experiences: The Art & Skill of Facilitating Design Thinking Workshops

Imagine the best party you have even been to and the hardest class you have ever…

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Drew Merit of Merit Illustration

DrewGraphic Capture is the real-time, visual representation of content leveraging an array of visual tools including color, lines, pictures, icons, diagrams, timelines and text. Graphic Capture is often utilized at conferences, trainings, brainstorming, planning meetings, and retreats. Thinking visually is a critical skill. In this hands-on, day-long session, you will learn tools that will help you become a visual storyteller. You will learn to communicate your ideas in clear and powerful ways. Graphic Capture & Visual Storytelling will be co-lead by Drew Merit of Merit Illustration.


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