The Mobile Devices in K-12 Education Project was a wonderful opportunity to work with the Executive Marketing Team from Microsoft. Lime Design began the project by conducting a series of ethnographic interviews with educators from South Africa, the United Kingdom, India, the Netherlands and the United States to uncover customer needs and insights. Building on an extensive synthesis of the data, we designed an immersive co-creation workshop to help the Microsoft team gain empathy for their customers.

Hosted at the innovative space at 500 Startups, Lime Design led teams of teachers, high school students, and Microsoft executives through a high-energy day filled with generative lightning rounds of brainstorming, and building and testing low-resolution prototypes of mobile apps. The day began with Mobile Missions, as teams headed to downtown Mountain View and collected data using mobile devices. A comprehensive debrief captured key learnings: the design thinking process uncovers latent customer needs, constraints foster creativity, and low-resolution prototyping generates productive early feedback about what customers really want.

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