St. Timothy's School

You know you’ve done a good job when the five students who were included in your faculty professional development session go to the Head of School and ask if you can come back to work with their classmates. At St. Timothy’s School — a school filled with joyous, purposeful learning and the energy of amazing and passionate young women — we learned that there are no boundaries to applying design thinking.

Our day began with a design thinking challenge, and the girls dove in with high-spirited enthusiasm. They redesigned the airline travel experience, and they came up with an abundance of creative, user-centered solutions. Their keen ability to empathize was evident in their designs.

We then introduced different components of design thinking, and how they could be used in the high school classroom. This was an interactive session, and the girls had many powerful ideas of how to use design thinking in their language arts, history, geography, mathematics and science classes.

The range, depth and complexity of what the girls created took our breath away. They included autism, bullying, world hunger, recycling, and other important world issues.

Whenever Lime Design has an opportunity to include students (usually of high-school age) in our design challenges or curriculum integration sessions, we do so. Student voices matter. We learned this lesson in beautiful ways from the passionate young women of St. Timothy’s School.

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