When an organization gets innovation right, every day becomes an opportunity to make things better.

Design Thinking Workshops + Training

Learn the design thinking process from the experts.

We craft inspiring workshops so that you can learn the design thinking process in robust, meaningful and powerful ways. Our offerings are tailored to meet your organizational needs.

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We offer on-site expertise to get you started and support you as you implement design thinking.

Sometimes the hardest part of design thinking is how to bring it back to your workplace. We work side-by-side with our clients on best ways to apply the design thinking process in order to get results for complex, messy problems that require human-centered innovative solutions.

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Customer Experience User Research

How will you uncover insights about your customer’s experience? We conduct ethnographic user research that will impact your organization in surprising and human-centered ways.

As highly-trained design ethnographers, we gather and analyze your customer data. With the insights derived from ethnographic research, you are able to understand your customer’s experience and how you can best meet their needs through your products and services.

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Mindsets Matter

Sometimes people believe that learning the design thinking process is enough. But design thinking isn’t about following a series of steps; it is much more.

Mindsets Matter is a workshop that drives human-centered innovation in high-impact ways. You will learn what it means to have a bias towards action, how to challenge assumptions, how to reframe problems into opportunities, how to collaborate meaningfully, and how to embrace failure as a learning opportunity.

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Serendipity Studio

What if the world of business and the world of art came together? What is Serendipity Studio all about?

Visionary business leaders engage in dynamic learning experiences with the real experts in creativity -- our artists -- and leave with tools and strategies to cultivate organizational creativity and drive sustainable innovation in their organizations.

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Creativity Boosters

Creativity happens when you make time for it. Have an hour or three?

We’ve designed a series of high-energy, hands-on, engaging, 1-3 hour sessions to boost your organization’s creative power.

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